Technology In Today's Construction

Koberstein Contracting knows that continuous training and investment in our employees and work methods enable us to recognize new ways to implement the advantages of today's technologies. It's a challenge that we strive to meet on every one of our projects. Koberstein Contracting is an industry leader in utilizing the innovations that technology has brought to the construction industry. GPS (global positioning system) 3-dimensional machine control enables Koberstein to meet the most stringent accuracy requirements on the project site while optimizing efficiency at every level of our operation.

Koberstein contracting uses the Trimble GCS 900 Grade Control Systems - cutting-edge earthmoving grade control systems that put design surfaces, grades and alignments inside the cab. These systems use GPS and laser technology to accurately position the blade or bucket in real time, significantly reducing material overages and dramatically improving our operator's productivity and efficiency.

Using positioning technology provides blade control to the following accuracies:

  • Our GPS controlled machines provide blade control to 0.1 foot
  • Our GPS controlled machines with Laser Augmentation provide blade control to 0.01 to 0.02 feet

These instruments help provide our customers with a quality product that is far above the industry standard. Koberstein Contracting is continually researching the newest in technology to support our experienced crews and on schedule commitment to quality construction.


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